VSK PRO-ZEO s.r.o.


VSK PRO-ZEO s.r.o.
Južná trieda 125
040 01 Košice

IČO: 36 494 046
IČ DPH: 2021830668 SK

Production and sale:

Quarry Kučin
094 21 Nižný Hrabovec

Tel.: ++421 57 488 06 26
Fax: ++421 57 488 06 26
E-mail: info@vskpro-zeo.sk

GPS coordinates of Kučín
48° 51' 53'' N
21° 45' 05'' E

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Company profile

VSK PRO-ZEO Ltd. company with its headquarters in Južná trieda 125  Košice has its mining area, with the purpose of the extraction of natural zeolite (clinoptiolite)  in Lom Kučín deposit.

VSK PRO-ZEO Ltd. company has , in the Slovak Republic, specified mining areas for the purpose of the extraction of natural zeolite ( open pit mining). Besides the mining, the company deals with the processing of zeolite and producing products based on pure natural zeolite.

VSK PRO-ZEO Ltd. company has been incorporated into the international group VSK MINING GROUP, which deals with the mining of minerals. In 2010 a stratigic foreign partner Paltentaler Minerals Beteiligungs GmbH, a member of Paltentaler Holding with its headquaters in Rottenmann, Austria, entered the group. The company Paltentaler Minerals Beteiligungs GmbH has been transformed to the company MEB Migulator Entwicklung & Beteiligung GmbH in year 2016.

The principal aim of the company is the quality of the offered products and other services and the overall development of the company in the field of mining and processing of  zeolite applying advanced modern technology We focus on keeping the principles of sustainable development consistent with the protection of environment.

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