VSK PRO-ZEO s.r.o.


VSK PRO-ZEO s.r.o.
Južná trieda 125
040 01 Košice

IČO: 36 494 046
IČ DPH: 2021830668 SK

Production and sale:

Quarry Kučin
094 21 Nižný Hrabovec

Tel.: ++421 57 488 06 26
Fax: ++421 57 488 06 26
E-mail: info@vskpro-zeo.sk

GPS coordinates of Kučín
48° 51' 53'' N
21° 45' 05'' E


Quality and certificates

VSK PRO ZEO Ltd. exploits the system of quality control under ISO 9001: 2015 and FAMI-QS. The company gained the certificate of quality and safety FAMI-QS in the area of fodder mixtures and premixes.

This certificate sets the requirements for the safety of additional nutritive substance and premixes, consistent with the requirements of EU on hygiene of fodders as well as the improvement of retracement of the product. It supports the issuing of standards for correct production practice applying the rules of HACCP whose main aim is to secure the safety of fodders.

VSK PRO-ZEO Ltd. is the approved producer of certified product- zeolite fertilizer, additional soil substance and certificates holder of UKSUP Bratislava Sk. Accordingly, based on the Resolution of the Chief hygienic officer of SR our products are also approved for the use for the treating of drinking and household water.

We can send you these certificates as well as laboratory analyzes on your request.

Quality and safety policy

The company management is aware of the responsibility for quality and safety of provided products and under the standard ISO 9001: 2015 and FAMI QS it determines the policy of quality and safety. The policy of quality and safety shows systematic care for quality and safety of the products aiming to satisfy the needs of our customers. It is our aim to have the satisfied customer.



Politics of the Quality
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